Dhoondho was born out of extreme hard work. The founder worked hard for 2 weeks on an outsourced project from a USA based client called Roger & the first income for what would later be dhoondho, was $10. It was this $10 that was used to buy the domain & hosting space for what would be dhoondho. Working on his own he programmed the search engine for dhoondho. Soon he got his first client for the search engine API. Based on the licensing revenues that the search API brought in, dhoondho hired its first employee. One turned to two, two turned to four and so begun the growth story. Dhoondho today is a 7 year old company. We are hard core technical guys running the company. We understand and build our systems ourselves. When you talk with us, you will be talking to a live person and never an automated computer system. Always.

Dhoondho is a 100% family owned, privately held company with no external debts. It is completely profitable and spends most of its efforts on Research and Development. It aims to be a true Engineering company. We take pride in our engineering capabilities.